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The Trikala Development Agency (KENAKAP S.A.) was founded in 1992 on the occasion of the CIP LEADER I and the local program in Kalampaka & Pyli. The Institution conditioned by the provisions of the PD 410/95, as well as the provisions of L. 2190/1920 about Anonymous Societies, as this was modified and is in effect with the L. 2339/95 and is an intermunicipal developmental agency of popular base. The Municipalities of Kalambaka and Pyli were the founders of the agency. After 15 years of operation and the several increases of the initial capital, today the stock capital amount to 293.400,00 €. Except the two initial founders of the KENAKAP S.A., shareholders are the Prefecture Authority of Trikala, the Union of Local Authorities of Trikala, 3 Agricultural Cooperation’s, the Chamber of Commerce and all the other Municipalities and Communities of the Prefecture (23). It is Public Equivalent Body which is supervised by the Local Authorities and aims its initiatives at the upkeep and promotion of the economic and cultural development of the wider area of Trikala, by carrying out its activities according to the planning and development instruments of the Local Authorities. Furthermore, KENAKAP S.A. can also carry out the activity of support to the local economic development in other areas, such as the animation and support to the rural development, environmental territories, valorization and promotion of the local products, advanced tertiary services, education and professional development.

Human Resources and Infrastructure

KENAKAP S.A. maintains head offices of 250 m2 in Kalambaka and branches in Pyli and in Farkadona, for the improvement coordination of its activities and the dissemination of the results to the local societies as well.

The infrastructure that allocates KENAKAP S.A., covers completely the needs of the agency. The offices allocate all the essential equipment for their operation (, PCs, Notebooks, printers, telephone centre, fax, copies, etc).

Today the executive and administrative potential of KENAKAP S.A., is constituted by 15 people. The Trikala Development Agency, within the framework of its activities, established and operates Centre of Tourist Services, which has as aim the information of visitors of native lands and from abroad.  

Role and fundamental frame of activities

KENAKAP S.A., dealing with the local development of the wider area, is aiming at:

-      The modernization of the agricultural exploitations and livestock installations, with the support of innovative concepts

-      Improving infrastructure for technical support & services to the agricultural sector.

-      Exploiting the disposable natural resources

-      Promoting local products to the Greek and international market, by improving their competitiveness (package quality etc) & certifying brands.

-      Promoting human potential, involved in the above production sectors

-      Increasing protection and exploitation of the residential and architectural wealth of the buildings of the area. Emphasis is given to reserving and restoring the traditional buildings.

-      Organizing protection and evaluation of the areas of special natural beauty.

-      Promoting cultural inheritance, cultural growth and social development.

-      Protecting the environment and enhancing environmental awareness.

-      Activating the citizens.


Basic frame of operations

The result of the preceding analysis is that the general operation categories of KENAKAP  S.A. is:

·               Information & Dissemination

·               Technical Assistance

·               Vocational Training & Education

·               Implementation of national and EU programs

·               Support  services

Participation in other National and European Networks.


·               KENAKAP S.A. is founding member of "Greek Network LEADER" that coordinates Greek teams LEADER. It is one from the 5 members of Coordination Committee of Network.

·               KENAKAP S.A. is member of HELLADA (Greek Union of Developmental Companies), who is member of European Organism EURADA.

·               KENAKAP S.A. is member of European Network EGLEI that promotes the growth of human potential for the local development.

·               KENAKAP S.A. is member of European Network ORA (Opportunities for Rural Advancement) that it aims at the distribution of modern forms of telecommunication and the benefit of services via modern technologies.  In this frames the ORA promotes the creation of networks of telematics in the rural regions of European ' Union.

KENAKAP S.A. Programmes

leaderRural development

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Trikala Chamber of Commerce

Activities of KENAKAP S.A.

KENAKAP S.A. has significant experience in managing and coordinating rural development programs, environmental programs, etc. Specifically, the institution has implemented the following programs:



Local program LEADER I of Kalambaka-Pyli, total budget 8,56 m€, constitutes an innovative program of local development, based in the new approaches of European Union for completed intervention in the rural/delayed regions with important increase of competences, in regard of planning and stabilizing the interventions, in the local society (Local Team of Action).

The operational plan of the program LEADER 1992-1996, forecasted simultaneous sectoral interventions in all the focuses of economic activities of the region, aiming at the completed and effective confrontation phenomena of developmental delay the so-called "unfavorable regions".



Community Initiative program LEADER II, of a total budget 10,87 m€. Basically, is the continuation of LEADER I and it was carried out from 1997 up to 2001. Via this program KENAKAP S.A. was given the opportunity to advance in the implementation of the objectives and his strategy for the local development.



Community Initiative program LEADER+, of a total budget 7,40 m€, is currently implemented by KENAKAP S.A..

Operational Program Environment (Program EPPER):  «Protection and management of mountainous ecosystems Aspropotamou-Koziaka»  

TRIKALA DEVELOPMENT AGENCY KENAKAP S.A. submitted a proposal to the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS, in the Operational Program of Environment (EPPER-Operational Environment Protection Programme), that concerned administrative interventions of protection and appointment of environment and actions of sensitization and briefing of local population on the value and importance of natural environment of the wider mountainous region Aspropotamou-Koziaka. Program EPPER strengthens regions, that are included based on the Direction 92/43/EOK in the Program of Ecotopes of Greece and requires special environmental protection. Has already been proposed the integration of these regions in the Network NATURE 2000 (NATURA 2000) of the European Union.

Community Initiative «EMPLOYMENT»- Axis «YOUTHSTART»

The Ministry of Labour selected a proposal for the Community Initiative «EMPLOYMENT» - focus «YOUTHSTART» with a sum of 445.542,00 €. The proposal with the title:  «PAN: New activities, new professions for mountainous regions for the promotion of alternative forms of tourism in tripartite SPORTS – CULTURE - TOURISM», was implemented during the period 1997-1999.



With the14934/14-11-1997 decision of European Commission of EU (General Direction XXII), it was officially announced the approval of the proposal, that KENAKAP. S.A had submitted in March 1997 in the scope of program LEONARDO DA VINCI.  

The proposal of KENAKAP S.A. was among the 92 proposals that were finally approved, the total of the 1981 proposals that was submitted in the European Committee. The total sum that was approved amounts in 183.420,00 €, with co-financing by EU at 75% and it was implemented during the years 1998-2000.   

The approved program of KENAKAP S.A. constitutes a pilot drawing that is included in the Meter « Innovation in the professional training for workpeople», with the title of «Designing of innovative educational material in alternative forms of tourism» and has as an object the acquisition of new faculties via the continuing professional training. The final convention between KENAKAP S.A. and European Committee was signed in April 1998.


Pilot Program of Information of-Endorsement of rural population of Thessaly  

In 1999 a proposal of Thessalian Developmental Companies was approved by the Region of Thessaly that implemented programs within the frameworks of CIP  LEADER II in Thessaly and was financed by the Regional Operation Programme of Thessaly with 35 million drs., with the title «Net of Information and Support of rural population of Thessaly».This pilot program that concerns in action of Information, Encouragement and Support of rural population will be coordinated locally by the Regional Thessalian Network of Developmental Companies and includes the Developmental Companies:

·               Developmental of  Karditsa (ANKA S.A).  

·               Centre of Development of Kalambaka - Pyli (KENAKAP S.A.)

·               Company of Development of  Pilion S.A.

·                Developmental of Elassona S.A.

Aim of Network will be the Information/Briefing and the Technical Support in the following objects:

·                the biological agriculture.

·                the agro environmental regulation 2078/92

·                the quality agro food Products

·               the new organizational structures in the rural space (Producers Groups according to regulations 2200/96, 2201/96, 2077/92, Interprofessional Organizations)

Objective of pilot program is for the network of information and support of rural population of Thessaly to be created, so that is improved the flow of information and are undertaken initiatives in local level for the development of countryside.  KENAKAP SA has undertaken the organization of informative events in entire the prefecture Trikala.


Technical Support of Municipality of Kalampaka for the work of «Net of sewages and Biological Cleaning»  

KENAKAP S.A. provided services of technical support in the Municipality Kalampaka, in it’s effort to have approved the financing of work of «Net of sewages and Biological Cleaning» from the Fund of Cohesion of community. The work was finally approved with budget 2,7 billions. Drs and KENAKAP S.A. has undertaken the secretarial and technical support of Municipality of Kalampaka, during the implementation of work.


Technical Support of 9th SP for the work of «Study of completed system of management of wastes»  

KENAKAP S.A. provided services of technical support in the 9th SP, in it’s effort to have approved the financing of «Study of completed system of management of wastes» by the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT PLANNING AND PUBLIC WORKS.   The work was finally approved with budget 8million drs. and KENAKAP S.A. was found in the stage of development of study with base Programmatic Convention that was signed by the Regional Administration of Trikala and the 9th SP.


Activity of Centre of Professional Training (KEK) «Stagon»

 KENAKAP S.A. in collaboration with the Labor-clerical Centre of Kalampaka, proceeded in the establishment of "CENTRE OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINING", according to the conditions that places the new circular of application of Ministry of Work on the implementation of programs of training. Aim of KEK will be the implementation of programs of training that is forecasted to be financed from the 2nd Community Frame of Support. The certified K.E.K implemented vocational training seminars at the period 1995-2005, part-financed from European Social Fund (ESF), the Ministry of labor and other institutions.

The K.E.K is activated in the Region of Thessaly, while the subjects of seminars of training cover the primary sector as well as the sectors of tourism, environment and services. Objective of seminars will be the training of unemployed  as much as of professionals and workers.


Integrated Programs for Rural Development

Integrated Programs for Rural Development marked a new approach to rural development policy, which is territorially based, integrated and participative. It encourages the implementation of integrated, high-quality, original strategies for sustainable development with final objective the reconstruction of countryside. The objectives of this policy are economic, social and cultural development of countryside, in such a way that will ensure economic self-reliance, environmental protection and conservation cultural heritage.


Programme “HOME CARE”

KENAKAP S.A. in collaboration with 8 local municipalities implement the program “HOME CARE” in the framework of  the Regional Operational Program of Thessaly which is co-financed 75% from the European Social Fund (E.S.F.) and 25% from National resources.

OBJECTIVES - AIMS : The Units of « HOME CARE » were created to provide support to the elderly and diS.A.bled. These Units will also undertake the task to nurse and care the elderly and lonely people that require help at home.


Local Initiatives of Employment for the Integrated Programs for Rural Development

KENAKAP S.A. in the frame of the Regional Operational Program (R.O.P.) “THESSALIA” 2000-2006, Axis 2 “Rural Development”, implements the program Measure 2.9. «Special Actions of Rural Development - European Social Found ".


Local Employment Strategy for Western Thessaly – Improving Skills, Joining Forces

          KENAKAP S.A. in the frame of the European Social Fund -Article 6: Creating innovative solutions through pilot projects is implementing the project: Local Employment Strategy for West Thessaly.

The basic aim of the Local Employment Strategy for West Thessaly is to develop a model which will keep the connection between the European and national policy taking into consideration the local conditions of employment, and will create activation conditions of local society for attendance in the planning of strategy.

Completed Interventions in Favour of Women “ Drawing Equality NET”

KENAKAP S.A. in the frame of the Operational Program “Employment and Professional Training” Axis 5 "Improvement of Access and Attendance of Women in the labour market", implements the program Measure 5.3: "Completed Interventions in favour of women".

The Completed Action Plan entitled "THESSALY DRAWING EQUALITY.NET is implemented by 18 collaborating institutions of the Region of Thessaly.


Local Initiatives of Employment for Unemployed & Special Social Teams

KENAKAP S.A. within the framework of the Regional Operational Program (R.O.P.) “THESSALIA” 2000-2006, Axis 5 “Human Resources”, implements the program Measure 5.2 "Local Initiatives of Employment for unemployed and special social groups – Local Pacts of Employment".

OBJECTIVES - AIMS: We aim via advisory in the strengthening, in the information, in the encouragement of unemployed, as well as in the activation and sensitisation of all social groups, so that is to achieved social and labour incorporation of individuals that are threatened with social exclusion.


CIP EQUAL “Mountain League – Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Pindos Area

The overall objective of the project is the encouragement and the support of entrepreneurship of farmers in the mountainous and remote areas of Pindos in order to create sustainable agricultural units that would produce quality products. The specific objectives are: a) the information and awareness raising of the target group and the population of the area on the prospective for the development of sustainable agricultural business initiatives, the organic products and the quality products, b) the foundation of permanent local structures that will support entrepreneurship at the agriculture sector, c) the establishment of local volunteer networks that would support the target group d) the creation of pilot agricultural enterprises from the target group – integrated organic farms, d) the mobilisation of local population and local agents for the production of quality products, the hygiene and Safety of consumers and the concept of sustainable local development.


CIP EQUAL “SIGLISIS – Innovative Social & Employment Policies Implemented by Local Government

Main target of the project is the improvement of integration and reintegration socially vulnerable persons and groups, into the labor market. The special goals of the project concern the supportive services offered by the Local Authorities and aim at: - Improvement and modernization of services, so that their stuff will become more exploited and their function more effective- Improvement of skills of the less competitive and advantaged groups of people- Increase of the vacancies in the supporting services, through the enlargement of the services provided. The actions aiming at the previous goals, are briefly the following:- imprinting of the function of the supporting services- setting criteria in order to reveal good and bad practices concerning the function of services- updating tools and methods for the employees of the supporting services- elaboration of an organization model for a better function of accompanying and supporting services and programmes like “Help at Home”- innovative training for employees and mentors, working at supporting services - elaboration of a system for life long learning for the above mentioned employees- elaboration of methodology for revealing and approaching especially excluded and “invisible” persons- field research of needs of the beneficiaries of the supporting services and examination of the possibilities for new vacancies- research for new models of funding supporting services- social discourse at regions where the partners of the project act, aiming at the establishment of a more viable model for the supporting services with proposals for structural or/and legislative changes


Community action programme on vocational training (Procedure B Second phase) 2000 –2006 Program LEONARDO DA VINCI «UBI MINOR»

The project aims to analyze of the needs, recognition and valuation of new and emerging profile, particularly demanded from enterprise, public and private bodies, operating in territorial poles of particular fields of business acquaintance and attraction, in areas of services for the benefit of the historical estate and the cultural assets.

In coherence with the tendencies of decentralization, local development, growth of competences, the competitiveness and affirmation of the Social Dialogue in labour market, the pilot-project continues standard and final products for integrated system introduction-training-job.